Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm off to Vancouver...

hi people,

just finished packing, yep, heading to vancouver for 4 days.

for those of you in van, i'll see you there and i look forward to meeting you all there...

for those of you here in hk and elsewhere.. hmm... we've just plugged 'cola' today as the next single on radio!! Smile

ok, take care,

ps- YES, i read everything on this board. thank you so much for all your messages!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

hi guys and girls from pong

hi all,

i'm glad that this msg board is back in operation! and in a much better format than before!

thanks for all your msgs and all your supporter + feedback for the new album.

and mind you... like all other msg boards, please be responsible for what you write here and please respect other people's opinion. i don't wanna see any disputes going on here, ok?! Smile

anyways, i'll be posting stuff here more often.

take care,

Friday, May 13, 2005


1. 可樂
2. 六月
3. 憂鬱小生
4. born unhappy
5. 40號
6. 蜘蛛網
7. 我太難被感動
8. 我愛過很多人
9. walking backwards
10. 快樂頌
11. 六月(溶雪版)
12. 世界這樣大
cd extra
世界這樣大music video

出o左la ! ! ! 出o左la ! ! !