Monday, June 13, 2005

hi everyone (june 13)

hi everyone,

just finished with the teresa teng drama last night. it was... hmm.. a worthwhile experience! Wink
my own review... hmm.. my 'acting' is better than the great entertainer this time, but still i CANNOT act. hahaha. but after this drama i'm starting to think about honing my acting skills. after TGE, i was basically like, 'hey i'm just a singer-songwriter. i'm not supposed to be able to act.' but now it's more like, i can't keep on sucking like this.
esp. when i'll be in another play soon? (hint hint - details to come later)
anyways, updates for the website will be resumed soon. there weren't much updates in the past month due to some internal issues.
what's going to happen - hmm... my most immediate task is to go back to songwriting. haven't written anything for quite a while coz i was too caught up with promotional work and the play. and i have to submit some new stuff to different parties
other than that, promotional activities will continue but not as hectic as april/may... most likely to have gigs at cat store and fringe club later on.
oh yes, as some of you have heard, i made a new song for 903陳占公演八王子 radio drama. it's called 無瑕年代. it came about like this - the writer for this drama, 王貽興, this new cool friend i made, wrote a piece of lyrics and he called me up and asked me to come up with melodies for his lyrics. i wrote it and recorded a demo for it in which i sang. he heard it and he liked it, so he asked me to sing it. this whole thing was very 'impromptu' (the whole thing took place within 3 weeks) but i'm glad the song turned out to be quite nice. we both like it very much... and finally i can sing somebody else's words!! thanks yee hing!
i'm NOT going to malaysia on july 1. instead i will go there twice, first during the last week of july, and then again in late august.
anyways, gotta go now. take care!