Tuesday, July 12, 2005

7/21 cat store show & "almost happy" 2nd versi

hi guys and girls,

this is the official information re my cat store show on 7/21 and 2nd version of the album!

日期: 7月21日(星期四)
時間: 9:00pm
地點: 阿貓地攤(銅鑼灣京土頓街2-4號京土頓大廈2樓1號鋪)
票價: Non-VIP $120, VIP $90 (one drink included)
特別嘉賓: 徐繼宗, Pius Tong
查詢/購票: 2710 9953
**You need to buy and pick up tickets directly from Cat Store. Please either go there or call in advance to reserve.

"無非想快樂"加強份量版7 月20日上市
隨原裝版附送Bonus CD Extra收錄:
-無瑕年代 (903 id club 陳占公演"八王子"插曲)
-世界這樣大 featuring 盧巧音
兩首絕密曝光私房demo: 我太難被感動、含蓄
三首全新music video: 六月、我愛過很多人、我太難被感動

-六月過後, 可樂喝光, 全新主打"無瑕年代", 接力登場!

-阿邦將連同周國賢出席師兄劉浩龍7月23日加州紅903熱火樂團音樂會擔任嘉賓, 三人組成超級新組合, 當晚勢必哄動!


-阿邦9月中會到加拿大卡加利(Calgary)出席當地活動, 密切留意!

hahaha.. basically just copy and paste from my news section.
anyways, look forward to seeing all of you at cat store... haven't had any gigs in a while. pius and jone will be playing with me so it's gonna be fun...

take care,


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