Thursday, July 28, 2005

leaving for malaysia! (7/27)

hi everyone,

just finished packing here. will be in malaysia tmr... hope to see all you malaysian fans soon!! and looking forward to the gig on saturday...

anyways, last week was fabulous yet upsetting. doing cat store's gig wasn't easy after receiving the news re my sony colleague philip's death that afternoon.

philip has been battling cancer for more than a year and finally passed away on july 21. as you can read in cd credits (both my first and 2nd album), philip has been sick for a long time. basically we haven't really worked together , coz he's been mostly resting since the release of "the unadorable pong nan."

he was basically the first person at sony to really understand how to package "pong nan." he was the first one to say in the initial meetings: "pong should have attitude and true to himself. he should be the type who doesn't care about what other people think of him. take it or leave it."

anyways, RIP Philip Tam, i'll be missing you.

well.. thanks to those of u who were at cat store's gig. i never thought i could sing "2 estranged men" live ever.. now that i could sing with all of you, i don't have to invite chet to my gigs. haaha

and doing c-hing's show wasn't only fun, it was actually quite... hmmm... inspirational. it's very nice to jump out of my own safety zone. and i've longed to dance and sing in front of public but i never had the chance, or should i say since it really contradicts with the stereotype 'singer-songwriter' image i couldn't have done it convincingly. hahaha. i actually do that a lot in my own private time though (i.e. in karaoke) anyways, my guilty pleasure fulfilled.

ok, hope u're all doing well. oh yeah, the 2nd version is out. re the 'i loved many' mv, it's actually excerpts from a channel v special i did which is going to air some time in august. yes, i was acting in it. i saw it and i think my acting is improving. ha.

take care, and see you all malaysians very soon.



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