Thursday, July 28, 2005

note re KL autography session

just a quick note.
i usually write headers (dear XXX) when i do autographs, since i wanna prevent people from reselling my autographed CDs or putting them on ebay.
last year when i was in malaysia, i found out it was difficult for me to do that since i'm not accustomed to malaysian names. (oftentimes the names are very new to me, not the usual ones i come across in HK) it took much more time when i had to carefully ask people to tell me their names and write them properly on the cds.
therefore, if u're coming to the autograph session, could you all do me a favor? use a post-it or something, write down your name on it and put it on the cd, so i can get your names much faster. so the line could move quicker.
anyways, see u!


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