Friday, August 05, 2005

news update - aug 6 in shanghai, 'ah sou' etc etc... (8/4)

hey everyone,

back from malaysia and went to philip's memorial service on tuesday. off to shanghai tomorrow. so before i go, just updating on a few things.

1) channel v 上海面對面演唱會 on aug. 6
yes. my first official promotion work in mainland china! and my first time to go to shanghai. here's the details:

2) theme song for movie 阿嫂 'ah sou'
the hk summer flick 'ah sou' is coming out today, me and 徐繼宗 have the opportunity to co-write the theme song called '我信' for the film. it has two versions in the film, one sung by a little girl, one sung by 陳思慧 candice chan. if you have time pls go check out this wonderful movie.

3) CD reviews @ Esquire magazine.
from this aug issue onwards i'll be writing cd reviews for HK Esquire magazine. the aug issue is out and you can check out my virgin review work.

ok, i will go now. update u more when i get back, ok? btw, i had a marvelous time in malaysia last week - exhausted but rewarding.



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