Sunday, August 28, 2005

relax! it's just sex!!!

dear all,

this past week, the local press has written a small blurb about me and my family. and next week, you will certainly read more about it. as much as i dislike doing this, i feel i have a responsibility to make some statements here before you read anything from the HK press which is oftentimes biased, degrading, twisting the truth or simply not telling it at all. i feel that i have a right to explain myself in the most direct way (i.e. using this message board) and to educate my readers and my audience to hold the right kind of attitude to view certain things.

some of you might have already read that my parents manufacture adult novelties. yes, they do. it's a part of their business (they make other plastic/inflatable toys as well such as lifesavers, parachutes, floating bed etc.), they have been doing it for over 20 years. i don't see any problem of my parents being in this perfectly normal and legal business. i'm damn proud of my parents being in such cool and progressive business.

only naive and shallow people would think that adult novelties, or as you may call it "sex toys", are vulgar and obscene. i think everyone of us has sexual needs, both you and i. would you say having sexual needs is vulgar and obscene too? definitely, no. for those who use sex toys, they are using them to enhance their lifestyle, make themselves feel better and make sex feel better. just like you go buy a playstation or an ipod to make your life more fun.

speaking further, as i learn from my dad, doctors use adult novelties to help cure sexual diseases. marriage counsellors use them to help couples who are encountering sexual problems. there has been research saying that adult novelties actually prevent sexual crimes (such as rape, molestation, incest etc.) from happening as perpetrators use them to control their urges to committ crime.

as i observed right now in HK, most people, esp. teenagers and the media, are still not very open to the idea of sex. sex education is still not enough. and worst of all, sex is still widely understood here in HK as something 'unspeakable' or taboo. or perhaps, sex still remains as something people joke about only and not taken seriously.

i believe, as someone who is known to the public, that i have the obligation to help bring the society forward. one of the ways to bring the society forward is to influence my supporters/listeners to have a right attitude towards sex - regarding sex as a part of our lives, perfectly natural, our sexual well-being is crucial to our health, and sex itself is not vulgar and obscene, and it shouldn't be a subject we feel ashamed talking or thinking about. and most importantly, always remember safe sex, i.e. using condoms.

anyways, my points have been made. u can choose to listen to the media or myself - it's your choice. and i hope that you, coming here to my website and reading this message, will be as open and as receptive as i am.

and lastly, just want to say sorry for getting you fans confused or worried. i didn't forsee people making a fuzz out of this. but i'm still me - here to make music, not here to make news.


p.s. -
regarding other tabloid rumors:
my dad gave sonybmg hk$10 million to make me a singer? that is just totally ridiculous! oh how i wish!!! if i had that money things would have been so much easier for me and i wouldn't have to wait all those years!
and what? now i can't do my own tie?? hahaha... i went to schools where i have to wear uniform. my previous day jobs required me to wear a tie to work. and i don't know how to do my own tie? -__-"


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