Tuesday, September 13, 2005

hi people!

hi everyone.
dropping you all a quick note
i'm in san francisco right now. will be heading to calgary this coming thursday .
went to see tori amos in concert last night (that's the reason why i'm in SF .. i insisted to stop by to see her before i go to calgary) last time i saw her live was7 years ago, when i was still in georgetown. it was so good to see her again coz i don't know when i'll be able to see her again. it felt very much like seeing an old friend. especially yesterday was sept. 11 - watching her sing 'imagine' on this particlar day brought everyone an inexplicable sense of comfort. and i got her to sign the picture i took with her 7 years ago, had to wait for hours under the scorching california sun for that but it was all worth it.i'm the happiest guy on earth! anyways, watching tori play live and do her thing at the piano (she played 4 instruments on stage - a piano, a fender rhodes and 2 organs, oftentimes she played two keyboardsat the same time) just rejunvenates me. it's like she would rather die than not being able to perform. this all just reminds me why i love her so much.
anyways, gonna go meet up my friend now. (he's charlie, my high school buddy who's now living here. we just figured out we've known each other for 12 years!) gonna drive around and go places. i'll see those of you in calgary in a few days' time!
till then


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